The First Three of the Seven ABC’s of Street Photography

The First Three of the Seven ABC’s of Street Photography

Learning Street Photography shouldn’t be that hard, if you are curious like a pre-school child. Being observant, enthusiastic and open to new way of looking at things, will unfold a new universe, rock and rolling to the brim. And if you are into it, it is guaranteed when you begin to see Street Photography, Street Photography will begin to see you.

1. Always Bring Camera.
This is the start of seeing enthralling things, seeing interesting images and poignant moments. The play of light and shadows, the allure of graphics and colors, the smile or smirk from someone’s face, the gesture you had been waiting for – all of them are for you to capture; if you have your camera. Well if you don’t have it, you still have the best camera, exercise your eyes. See in frames, recognize juxtapositions, perceive patterns, relate the odds and you will always have a new world. That’s the gift of photography, letting the world see what you had seen, thru your eyes.

2. Avoid Boring Compositions.
Great photos, interesting scenes, do not just come in front for you to click. This is the street and it is as mundane as ever. You make the picture and it demands creativity. Always Be Creative. Study what “forms” resembles art and look for “content” that is a story on its own. Learn perspective, know by heart the emblems of a good form, draw what you like to see and in time exciting compositions is like breathing, it would be as natural as it can be. If you go beyond the rule of thirds and carabao-eating-grass  you will never live again in utter boredom. Image

3. Accept Being Confronted.

The street is a street. Its beauty is in its chaos, the dynamism that breathes life to it. Finding yourself shooting there is a continous flow of derivatives, that is what makes it exciting. It is therefore advisable, if not imperative that you must know what you are doing. You will never know when people will ask: what are you doing? Why are you taking pictures of me? Always Be Calm and be ready for an answer. If you have a prior vision on why you took the camera, peeped thru the viewfinder and shoot, the answer is like a click of a hand. Know yourself. Confrontation is clarification. You are not intruding their private lives you are doing the noble work of Street Photography. But please do not explain like a politician to his constituent. Smile and converse candidly. People gets it, if you are not a threat and you do not mean any harm. Your acceptance is your access.

The next Four:
4. Analyze Before Clicking

5. Already Been Chewed

6. Always Be Careful

7. Apathy Breeds Condescension

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