Visual Design Trends 2015 and shooting street

Yesterday, I received an email to watch and learn from a webinar courtesy of iStock by Getty Images. The webinar conducted by trends expert Rebecca Swift, had opened my eyes and mind to an interesting 2015 trends in terms of Visual Design. The enumerated trends comes from qualitative and quantitive information, stemming from visual research and visual analysis, user post, client demands, data coming from daily searches from different industry. I find the 2015 Visual Trends very useful to Street Photographers in honing their craft and defining their passion, whether they are posting it online, printing it or sharing it with friends.

Here are the Visual Trends for 2015:

1. Personal POV is more “in” than ever

Google had said it – 93 million selfies are taken everyday.  We cannot deny that the ubiquity of “selfies” is more pronounced. , we had seen Selfies in Academy Awards, in the social media, in advertisements and whatever rmedia. We see how Selfies are utilized as a photocontest theme, and on how it is discussed in any social media. It is the documentation of oneself, and could be the ultimate expression of the times of one’s life. It is ” I was Here” accompanied by an image as exclamation point. With it we would see selfies, taken in various angles, in myriad of situations, as unique as it can be. A Point-Of-View is authentic and believable because of its inherent intimacy. Street Photographers do take photos of themselves via reflections and shadows. We see images with the photographers including their hands, their thumbs, their feet or anything that signifies the photographer within the frame, and iti s indeed a statement of being there. As a trend, we see SP images, taken on a mall, on a public utility bus, on a puddle of mud. Try it, the variety and combinaton is only limited to one’s imagination.

Bus Shot_MG_2402-2_MG_4038-2

2. The Letterbox frame is the new square

We had seen it first in films, then with home videos, then online as Header image or in Facebook as your Cover photo. Composing with Letterbox in mind is composing for the wide screen. With a ratio of 1:2.35 the tighter crop draws the focal point to your visual story. A way to tell the story in an interesting way. With this kind of format it made designers rethink a narrative or a concept within an image that will convey a more meaningful moment. This kind of shot draws the viewer more to the image to a more personal level.


3. Busier Images

As the world grows, so are the streets. Busier images showing actions, complicated moments, multiple layers, filling the frame is the new norm. With its complications, the challenge is let the viewers see them as a single photo with dynamism and not just another crowd shot or a static layers. As so many icons, images, actions, vy for attention, the photographer should have the skill and know-how on finding the knot to tie them all together within a single frame.


4 Monochromatic color

Bright whites and strong blacks create a crisp, cool look.It adds quickness, sharpness and contrast. Succesful monochromatic photo requires a photographic skill and understanding of lights and shadows. It is sophistication and a modern feel.
_MG_9951 (2)-2red

5 Sensory Immersion

Design your shots so your audience can smell, taste and feel your image. Consider screaming colors brought about by the very nature of your images. Consider the dance of shadows produced by the quality of light. Take note of the roughness and smoothness of surfaces, how it appeals to the viewer. Giving your work a sense of texture fuels a feast of the senses.
_MG_8110 (2)-2_MG_3372-2shadows1-2

6 Super still life

Order or chaos, neatness or untidiness. Find the beauty in its arrangements. Give still life imagery a new life. Use it to showcase the inner-workings of a business, shoot them for the message.

7 All kinds of people

Celebrate the assortment that is humankind. Select images that describes the real world: gay couples, blended families, people of all shapes and sizes.
Waiting Scene_MG_3095-2

8. Dynamic women
Move away from the cliché. Today’s images of women celebrate individuality and identity – women with a story to tell. Women are never boring, they always have something to say, even when their lips are closed.
fanaticHuman_MG_0709Now go out and shoot!


2 thoughts on “Visual Design Trends 2015 and shooting street

  1. I have seen so much, which is seemingly simple but totally striking and admirable. It is not on extravagant grandeur but the essence of art is all therein being whispered to educate.

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