On Shooting Street : Establish first the possible, to conjure the probable

If you shoot, wherever it maybe, whatever the occasion, it is always good to photograph an iconic figure
or sign or structure that would identify the place.

It may also help imply the time it was taken.

It may also show relationship between subject and immediate environment.

And that shot could also visualize the concept.

Establishing shots are used to give a sense of place, provide a sense of time, guides the viewer about the image, offers a glimpse of what it is.

By establishing first the possible, you immediately become open to everything that may come, you conjure the probable. Then the picture is there.

You see Establishing shots are not just long shots of a building or scene or
macro shots of an object that help define the character or what is taking place.
Establishing shots provides context.
It shows the dynamics between subject and background, whether place, where time, the important figures that sheds light to the story. It establishes where you are,  what situation you are in, when it happened.


3 thoughts on “On Shooting Street : Establish first the possible, to conjure the probable

  1. I spent awhile looking over your site. Thanks for the seven rules of street photography and other valuable tips. I especially admire your use of silhouettes and the ability to define the focus in a busy street scene. That’s a skill that takes talent. I do not have much artistic sense. I do try though, and although I don’t produce anything remarkable. Long ago I was a reporter, and often accompanied our chief photographer on assignments. One thing he taught me was to strive to be “a photographer–not just a picture-taker.”

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