Balanacan Immersion

Mornings start earlier than usual here in Balanacan.
1_Balancan ImmersionAs we sip our coffee at 6:00 am, the fisherman would had already unloaded his catch to the wholesale buyer and the women folk, sorting out the tuyo, tamban or tapulok on the bamboo drying rack.

2_Balancan Immersion

3_Balancan Immersion

17_Balanacan Immersion (2)

4_Balancan Immersion

5_Balancan Immersion

6_Balancan Immersion

Everyday earnings, though meager is enough to make everybody smile and if the catch is good, there will are enough coins for the luxury of ice cream.
8_Balanacan Immersion

7_Balanacan Immersion
Sometimes, Tourist who had learned from a friend this secret would do arrive for an island hopping and savor the pure waters the clear beaches, with a variety of shore texture to choose, from white sand shores to coral beaches to sedimentary rocks.
9_Balanacan Immersion

10_Balanacan Immersion

11_Balanacan Immersion
12_Balanacan Immersion
Good thing with it is, the boat people would leave and return on designated time of your choice. Giving yourself the luxury of isolation, as if you own an island for a day.
13_Balanacan Immersion

14_Balancan Immersion

15_Balanacan Immersion
The afternoons are also activity-filled, young and old would gather for their bay project, some would collect sea shells revealed by the low tide and some would cast their nets and iron cages for the next day’s catch.
16_Balanacan Immersion

17_Balanacan Immersion (1)

19_Balanacan Immersion
Nothing gets better than living as one with nature.

20_Balanacan Immersion

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