The Seduction of Red

Red does not demand any attention. It is what it is.
Science would tell us that our eyes simply finds it first.
Love would say it is the color of that wonderful feeling.
Nature would say it is the color that animates us.
I shoot Red.
Red attracts.
Red seduces.







IMG_5785 (2)


5 thoughts on “The Seduction of Red

      • Sporadic. If you are travelling to see the islands, you might be treated for a water adventure, year-end typhoons abounds during October to November. Come December and sea water is typically calm. If you are staying in the main island of Luzon, there are a lot of activities, shooting opportunities during that time. The second week of January is one of the best time to go to the Philippines. There is the Feast of the Nazarene, the Sto.Nino fest in Cebu and Manila and other islands, etc. During January the weather is cool and you can stay out most of the time.

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