Blur is not all about blurring

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Blur.”

_MG_8159 (2)

Imagine seeing an image of BLUR for the first time.

If you are curious,FORM is asking what is that? You have the sight and appearance of that thing.
They are perfect in themselves because they do not change. They are what they are.

If you want to know what it represents, CONTENT is knowing by asking what is in it?
Since Content creates understanding, it is subjected to different interpretations
depending on perception, status and time. They are what they are seen, they are.

If you put them all together, when one is dependent on the other- FORM and CONTENT,
then you can be sure your Subject Matter is supreme.

Blur is not all about blurring.


2 thoughts on “Blur is not all about blurring

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