KLM on Assignment Barcelona

Reposting my entry in DPP community.

To have an opportunity to go to Barcelona is a mission. It is a mission of Rediscovery, Re-connection and Re-imagination.

Rediscovery of our identity as a Filipino through Spain, a nation that molded us and embedded our Hispanic attributes from the way we cook, how we eat with cucharra and tenedor, how we practice our faith,to how we speak.

It would also be a Reconnection, to what we really are. As Fr. Jose S. Arcilla, S.J.puts it- “Even if we peel off our Asian traits, we will remain “Filipino”. Remove our Hispanized ways and local idioms and we could no longer be recognized as Filipino.”

It would be a great Reimagination, like a rebirth of the new Illustrado. PhotoDocumenting Barcelona, the People, The culture, the Architecture and the Food is a total enlightenment.

When I go to Barcelona, to Rediscover is to start reconnecting, from outside in. What are the semantics of its Architecture? What are the embodiment of its Arts? What are the fruits of its land? How does it influences its culture and society? And how did all them finds its way to the Philippines- to us Filipinos. And then the hope of enlightenment- the Illustrado reimagined.


Full article here: KLM on Assignment Barcelona

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