Sarung Banggi sa Legazpi ( One Night in Legazpi)

18 Sep 2015. This is my second night in Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines, 14 hours drive away from Manila.
It is a city known for its natural wonder, the magnificent Mayon Volcano and of course its beautiful people. This night we decided to check on its food street.


Immediately upon entry, the smell and aroma of spices greets your senses, though we already had dinner not over an hour, one cannot help taste some of its delicacies.

SarungBanggiLegazpi-2Sauteed Dilis with lots of spices. 

SarungBanggiLegazpi-3The Original Bicol Express of Legazpi.
Steaming with lots of chilies, white alamang (small shrimps),
coconut milk over a flavorful Pork with lots of fat.

SarungBanggiLegazpi-4Albay’s Fresh Produce: Peanuts.
Steamed over a large vat, served hot








We shoot the streets until 10:30 in the evening, would’ve stayed long, but the batteries are already drained, we had been shooting the place since 4:00 in the morning.

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