SP Tutorial: Juxtaposition of Faces

Juxtaposition of Faces


Unlike the world of instant SP like background fixing, or formulaic poster juxta, architectural geometry, silhouettes, where the image itself could be a mimic of another- the Juxtaposition of Facial Expressions offers a lot of individuality confined within a well-composed frame. It does not only show the careful, well-timed shooting moment, keen observance of the person shooting the street, it also shows the dynamics of non-conformity. It displays a world in motion.


What is it really? Juxtaposition of Faces is capturing the moment of different expressions and unique individual involvement in an event or a situation. Remembering a concept from Bowen’s theory of Differentiation of self: “individuals vary in their susceptibility to a group think and groups vary in the amount of pressure they exert for conformity”


Looking at it makes you feel like what is being there. You become involved and engaged. It is one of the SP forms that really immerses the viewer to the actual scene, a close encounter of its own.


 Where and when? Street shooting opportunities like these is abundant during public events, fiestas, parades or carnivals. Instead of shooting the main attraction, shoot the people who came there to watch the main attration. It offers a lot of interesting expressions, you just have to be quick in recognizing the seeds that makes it happen. Once you know it, the juxtapositions of facial expressions will reveal itself. Be ready for it happens quick.


How? Using forms to reveal its content is an effective way of capturing it. Use triangles, use diagonals, circles or continuity and many others. To juxtapose is to place side by side, a face to another face. See the harmony between differences. See contrast, see irony. Think of the iconic face of theater, a crying face together with a laughing face.


Triangle of Faces


The Diagonals of Watching


Square of Mood and Emotions

To practice Juxtaposition of Faces lets you stay away from the cliche, and lets you focus more on what essentially Street Photography is – the candid, spontaneous dynamics of people shot with an open mind.

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