The Delight of Capturing Light in Baguio Market

It was Panagbenga 2016 Festival and the tourist demand for quick and cooked food is high, resulting into steep prices coming from the local carinderias and bulaluhan. That prompted us to cook our own food, it would give us the luxury of nourishing ourselves with fresh Baguio produce. We can have it cheap and according to our gourmet taste. So off we went to the market early in the morning. But as photographers, the first order of the day was to capture the ephemeral golden morning light as soon as we can.

The morning light was truly generous when we arrived at the market area. It was golden and bright but not harsh, with just the right amount of temperature. The shades and shadows where appealing too, you can see the details in its darkness, producing circumstantial contrast.
It was a morning perfect for Street Photography. This time I am using a Tamron SP35mm lens mounted on a six-year old dslr.


Serene morning lights greets the terraces of Baguio market apartments. Below these apartments are fresh food stalls, ranging from chicken, meat and vegetables.

A woman vendor fixes tenderly bunches of petsay leaves. These green leaves are harvested fresh from a nearby farm and commands a good price of 20 pesos per string.



A woman washes her hand after inspecting the delivery of good, packed with icy bags.

The light and shade shapes the mood of the morning, every shaft of light seems preciously illuminating the characters giving life to the market. The mood is vibrant, seizing the day.


Truly source of delight, beams bedecks a market worker.


Reflected light illuminates the face of an Entrepreneur as he closes the door of his truck.


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