SP Pocket Workshops: Color Match

One of the surest way of injecting interest in capturing the everyday mundane is matching colors. The Juxtaposition of one color to an identical hue, shade or tint, creates serendipity and considerable amount of sagacity. Serendipity for the grace of fateful meeting of like elements. Sagacity for the keen observance of knowing it before it happens.


The Street Photography  Pocket Workshop: Go out of your house and open your eyes to the world of colors and free your mind to the manifestation of infinite possibilities- all in just 30 minutes, so you’ll immediately get the feel of it within the limited time. And as Horace Walpole would say to The Three Princes of Serendip: “always make discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things which they were not in quest of”.


How to do this adventure:
1.You can walk with an open eyes and discover for yourself the dance of colors.
2. You can stay in one place for a minute or two and learn to conjure the serendipity.


1. Do this in areas with the best quality of light. It enhances the color and help defines the mood.
2. Do not just shoot. Always get close and wait for the right moment. And please compose.
3. Shoot in three to four frames, so you can select your best.
4. Always look for the extra in the ordinary.
5. Enjoy!


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