SP Tips: How to be Invisible When Shooting Strangers

During Jayvee’s Photo Walk Day, one colleague Stephanie was watching me how close am I shooting  the streets. Then she asked:  “Bakit di kanila napapansin, kahit ganun ka kalapit?”(How come they do not mind you when you shoot them , no matter how close you are? )
I paused and shared her the secrets.
I already shared it in our Street Photography group Litratista Sa DAAN, but since one viewer Kimi, asked,  I might as well to share it here.

1. See the scene well. See the details. Know and anticipate the movements of people. See the order in chaos. Blend and be one.


2. See the picture before you make it. Envision it first. If you want to know how it is done within the mind, I suggest you go and watch Downey’s Sherlock Holmes or Tom Cruise’s Last Samurai. If you practice doing this, you will know what the composition is- once you peep into the viewfinder. You will be quick. You will be more confident. Alam mo na titirahin mo.


3. Be quick and do not annoy. Stay for just a moment but not for a minute. Dapat sandali ka lang. Pwede ka bumabad sa lugar, pero di ka bumababad na tumitira. Wag mo ibabad ang mata mo sa camera.  Do not let your eye stare at the camera’s viewfinder that long. It is more safer, keeps pugs from snatching your camera, and you will be more aware of your surroundings.


That’s the Secret Three
1. See the scene.
2. See the picture in your mind first.
3. Shoot quick.


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