How to Use Visual Hierarchy in Street Photography

What is Visual Hierarchy?
It is where our eyes looks first, then second, then third. It is the order of importance.

Hierarchy by Contrast.  You can use contrasting elements on order to present Hierarchy and emphasize your subject. Elements such as Lines, Tones, Texture, Shape, Size, color. Lines- conflicting diagonals, horizontal vs. diagonal lines, circle in a series of lines. Tones- lighted areas vs the darkened areas, the gradation of light. Texture- rough vs. smooth. Shapes and sizes- big and small, tall vs wide.  Be conscious of an element’s orientation in a given space so  you could contrast it well.

What are the Elements and Principles can we use to attain Visual Hierarchy?
-Contrast. Scale. Proportion. Textures.

How do we determine Hierarchy?
We determine it by: Isolation, Placement, Contrast

Hierarchy by Isolation. If most of the elements in a frame are grouped closely together, an object by itself stands out as a focal point.

Hierarchy by Placement. When you place an element in the center, it often perceived as the subject matter.

Hierarchy by Placement. An object placed in the third or golden mean will often be perceived as a focal point.

Hierarchy by Repetition Contrasted by Shapes.

Hierarchy by Contrast Anomaly. An element in contrast with something else is more easily seen and understood; something different attracts the eye.

Wrapping up, Visual hierarchy will make you shoot and deliver your subject matter effectively to your viewers. Your visual images would have the power to communicate on what is the first to look at even without saying a word. It is the order of things on how some content should be viewed first, some second, some third, and on down the line. Do this when Layering, when shooting isolation, when shooting moments. Shoot like this and you will no longer struggle to say what you clicked.



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