Stringing at the Strumms Sounds Smörgåsbord

Seldom do we get a gig like this. Close to a twenty Awesome artist and bands (with Original Plipino Music Legends) sang and dance to a heart’s delight in a gritty, bluesy, jazzy and rock and rolling night all for the benefit of  band manager, event and concert organizer
Ms. Dudee Alfonso.

Can’t say anything further, that night- I was a fan.


The Blue Rats. One of the best Blues band in town.



The Yellow Lane. Soulful.Young. Bruno Mars.strummsstrumms-3


A band to watch. Ibang klase. The Modern Playgroundstrumms-8strumms-11


I had been watching the great jazz talent Jacqui Magno since my high school days, and it was this time that night, that I almost forgot shooting- I listened like a high school fan. Her music was of a different level.


Zenaida Celdran sings the blues. Galing!

Here comes Kowboy Santos playing his music in the sun. Thank you to the man, it’s been a long time since  I sang along “The Joker” and it felt really good. strumms-12strumms-36

You should hear them “Live”. The Brat Packs


Dulce. She was the first of the Supersingers. She is the Asia’s Diva. strumms-40


Hayop tong bandang to! Putik, mapapamura ka sa galing! Classic blues screeching guitars almost the Jimi  Hendrix vibe. The Bleu Rascals. strumms-15strumms-41


Meghan Aguilar and the Glass Cherry Breakers surely brought the house down! For me it was the best performance of the night. Todo! No holds barred.strumms-16strumms-17

Eto na ang DriveTrain! _mg_8215

at kasama pa si Queenie!

Then here comes the Grand Daddy of Pinoy Rock and Roll! Joey “Pepe” Smith. strumms-20strumms-21strumms-22strumms-43strumms-44strumms-45

What a night! Thank you Dudee Alfonso!

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