How to Improve your SP via Domino Magic Effect

Frustrated with SP? A newbie struggling with your SP? A long-time shooter who still cannot get it right? A hobbyist who still fears shooting people? Try this Domino Effect. Small, small things which you can do everyday, so small enough, but if you do it regularly this would energize, change for the better and create a big momentum on how you create your photos. Here are sample tiny dominoes, it is easy to knock them over.

1. Shoot One Quick “InYourFaceShot” everyday. (It could be a mobile phone shot, but never a hipshot. It could be anybody, but shoot them right in their face. Do this once a day)
2. Read a 2-3minutes Photography blog every morning. Do not over think, it could be your meditation, just read.
3. Shoot one simple juxtaposition everyday when you go out. This will train your eye and senses. Sp is all about connecting.
4. Do look at one’s Master’s work everyday for one minute. Look at it with an intent of seeing what makes it work. Just a minute.

Me.Shot by Eddie Mac


Those are just samples. There are many little little dominoes you can think about. All you need to worry about is showing up and knocking down your tiny dominoes.

Every single day.
Each domino you knock over proves that you are in charge of your Street Photography and that you can create the change you want to improve your shots.

Domino time.



  1. Those are some great tips. You are what you eat – if you look at great photos you will get better. I like the idea of taking one in the face and one juxtaposition too.

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